Harrow Boxing Club

Harrow amature boxing club other wise known as Harrow ABC is a fantastic place to not only get fit but also to have fun! Meeting the team and trainees at the club was a pleasure.

It was warm and welcoming which as a woman I sometimes find it can often be the opposite. Harrow ABC is full of talented individuals and tackling this task was no small feat. So as usual I jumped right in the deep end and started with the ring.

Capturing an image is easy but capturing an emotion that’s true art, I wanted to get right in the moment of the punch as it lands, feel the force, feel the power and capture that exact moment of expression. I wanted you to feel the energy jump out and hit you with full force, make you feel like you were right at the ring side cheering then on.

With this picture I achieved the goal I set myself I got in the action and captured the moment it might not be perfect but for my first ever attempt at boxing photography I love it and i truly feel it captured the moment perfectly.

After spending some time ring side I decided to get some individual pictures of the talented boxer just being themselves and training. I wanted to show there raw talent and strength as they trained, highlight there power and focus on the physical aspects of there dedication using the light and shadows to accentuate and definine the contours of there bodies.

Moreover I wanted to show there dedication and the level of effort they put in to being the best of themselves and show their determination to progress within themselves.

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I would like to say a huge thank you to Harrow ABC for letting me spend the morning at there training grounds and an even bigger thank you to all the talented boxers that let me get up close and personal as I captured these images.

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