Home-Start Barnet

Home start barnet
Organiser: Filomena Komodromou
Location of event: The Community Centre, Grahame Park, The Concourse NW9 5XB

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with the award winning inspirational charity proudly known as Home Start (barnet) an organisation dedicated to helping support families with young children in a variety of situations by running parenting programmes, offering financial guidance, and providing friendship and support to those effected by mental health and domestic violence. My role on this day was to showcase there efforts and effectiveness of the program by being the in house photographer at there annual vegetarian society community day. During the event there was a real sense of support as i captured women and children sharing tips and recipes as they learned how to cook a sustainable vegetarian meal, helping eachother not only to prepare the meal but to also get the children involved with trying new fresh fruit and vegetables and teaching them to have fun woth cooking and exploring new tastes.
Capturing the images of a real comunity inspiring eachother was a pleasure to be apart of, knowing the images would be used for fliers and banners to spread there message and outreach to more families that could benifit from the services offered made me feel like i could really make a difference and another added bonus was getting to share the day and explore the amazing outcome of the food they prepared.

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